Wonders of Astronomy

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With Kate Eggins from CTV News at Noon.
BOB-FM's "Milky" at the annual Sparks Street Chicken and Rib cook off.
Leanne Cusack is co-host of CTV News at Noon.
Dr. Jamie Matthews celebrating his Officer of the Order Of Canada Award.
CJOH TV personality Aliya Jiwan.
At the news desk with my wife Debbie.
KISS FM morning crew; Carter, Sandra and The Boyle.
Rene Manning from KISS FM.
CJOH TV celebrity Catherine Lathem.
A Channel's weather specialist Bill Welychka.
Interviewed by Laura Lowe at A Channel.
Asteroid geologist - Dr. Allan Hilderbrand at 2006 RASC GA.
Sky and Telescope's Editor in Chief - Rick Fienberg.
Terry Dickinson - Editor in Chief of SkyNews magazine.
580 CFRA's Lowell Green and my wife Debbie at Lowell's book signing.
JJ Clarke is CJOH's weather specialist.
Radio personality Red Allen from MAJIC 100 FM and my wife Debbie.
Her excellency Governour General Adrienne Clarkson and husband John Ralston-Saul.
Long time friends Alister Ling and David Levy. David co-discovered Comet SL-9 that slammed into Jupiter.
Astrophotography guru Alan Dyer at RASC Kelowna GA.
World renowned astrophysist - Dr. Jamie Mathews at RASC Ottawa Centre annual dinner.
CHEZ 106 FM morning crew - Doc and Woodie.
580 CFRA radio personalities John Robson and Brigette Pelerin.
Partying with rock group HELIX in St. John's NL.
Country music Y101 celebrities Leanne Cater and Nancy Stapleton at star party.
Steve Madely at the 580 CFRA controls.
Conducting an eclipse interview with Elissa Lansdell.
First of many interviews with 580 CFRA's Lowell Green..