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Wonders of Astronomy

The beauty of the night sky is a wonderful and mystical place. I am an astronomy educator and as part of my outreach program, I have presented my 50 minute PowerPoint presentation to schools, Scouts, Guides, campgrounds, Provincial Parks, Legion branch, senior residences as well as a cruise ship. Aside from public outreach, I am also a local media contact here in Ottawa and have been interviewed numerous times on live radio and television. Most recently, I have gone national on radio stations in cities from coast to coast.

My presentation entitled “Our Cosmic Origin” examines how the Sun, planets as well as life on Earth was forged from the depths of space, long, long ago. Campgrounds located far from the dome of light pollution have the advantage of dark skies where the beauty of the night is portrayed in all its wonder. With this in mind, following the lecture and weather permitting, I set up a telescope show celestial treasures and answer questions under the canopy of the stars. The night sky is a wonderful classroom.

Astronomy sparked my interest from the tender age of eight and I have never looked back since. I am now celebrating my 50th year of looking at the wonders of the night and following the never ending new discoveries. Other than observing and imaging, I am past president of the Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, writing a monthly column entitled "The Sky This Month" for the national web site of the Society as well as writing an astronomy book for beginners.

Should you require further information on cost or to reserve a lecture, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gary Boyle

The Backyard Astronomer

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